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Book Review: The Vanishing by Wendy Webb

The Vanishing tells the story of Julia Bishop, a woman alone and in desperate need of an escape from the nightmare she is living. Her newly deceased husband swindled a lot of people, including their own friends and family, out of their life savings with a Ponzi Scheme. When he was caught he committed suicide, leaving Julia without family or friends to fall back on.

Enter Adrian Sinclair. He offers Julia a new identity and a new life on one condition. Julia must give up her life and move to his remote gothic castle in the Minnesota wilderness to take care of his mother, writer Amaris Sinclair, one of Julia’s favorite authors.

The offer seems too good to be true, especially when Julia realizes that the house is haunted and someone burned down her own house after she left, and Adrian was there watching it burn. Julia must figure out fact from fiction before her fears get the best of her and she misses out on what is right in front of her. A new family.

The Vanishing is first a gothic ghost story set against the chill of a Minnesotan winter. The story is populated by interesting characters who feel familiar and are all hiding secrets. As the mystery unfolds, the story takes some suspension of disbelief to work, but it works nonetheless.

This novel is a fast read, something you can cuddle up next to the fire with on a cold weekend and lose yourself in. I give this one four out of five stars. A decent read by a talented author.

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