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Movie Review: Cyrano

Cyrano de Bergerac (Peter Dinklage) is a man of lyrical intellect and decisive swordplay. Quite often, they are interchangeable. His wordplay is many times decisive, and his fighting skills; well, you get the picture. He also happens to be a dwarf who is in love with the beautiful Roxanne (Haley Bennett). Cyrano is forced to keep his affections to himself when Roxanne falls in love with Christian (Kelvin Harrison Jr), a new recruit among Cyrano’s regiment of guards. To complicate matters, Roxanne is also pursued by De Guiche (Ben Mendelsohn), a Duke.

Directed by Joe Wright (Atonement, Pride and Prejudice), Cyrano is above all things a love story. A tragic one, yes, but its heart beats with rhythmic songs and the earnest expressions of the titular character. In case you haven’t watched the trailer, it is also a unique musical in which the visuals are equally melodic.

The only bad thing I can say about this film is that no one should have ever let Ben Mendelsohn sing. He’s awful at it, and I normally love me some Ben Mendelsohn.

That said, Peter Dinklage needs an Oscar for his performance. Its delicate yet strong. If anyone ever asks why I never married, I’m just going to respond by saying that I never found anyone who looks at me the way Peter Dinklage looks at Haley Bennett in this film.

The acting is stellar all around. Dialogue and song lyrics are memorable. I’m still humming along an hour after leaving the theater. Cinematography is magical and draws you into the film. Joe Wright made an immersive film, one that I won’t likely forget anytime soon. I highly recommend seeing it in theaters.

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