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Book Review: Red Hands by Christoper Golden

Red Hands is a book about a lab created virus that passes from the host to others by touch. A single touch, and you die quickly. The host does not, and the longer the host resists the illness inside of them, the sicker they become until eventually, all that is left is the need to kill.

At the beginning, there is a parade. Happy families watching a Fourth of July event like they have done year after year. A car drives through the crowd, as if the driver is drunk, killed multiple people and injuring others. When he gets out of the car and starts touching people, the all die. Fall to the ground with black sludge pouring from their eyes. That is until Maeve tries to kill him. She accidentally touches him and his illness is passed to her. She runs into the mountains to hide.

Enter Ben Walker. Back for book three of Golden’s series of thrillers about the character, he is called in to track Maeve and bring her back to the government facility that unwittingly unleashed the illness. He isn’t the only one looking for her.

What follows is a fast paced race into mountain forests in the rain. Each person or agency looking for Maeve will do so without care for any other human life, except for Ben Walker and Maeve’s sister and father. They are the only ones not seeking to kill her or obtain what lurks within her.

This book is unrelenting. From the first page, you are thrown into a hostile chase where lines between good and evil are blurred. Many people die horrible, violent deaths and no one is who they seem. In the wilderness, survival becomes nearly impossible for Maeve as she finally gives in to what she carries within her.

Golden brings us lucky readers a book begging to become an action thriller. I highly recommend this one, but be warned. It really is unrelenting from the first page. If you are easily triggered by violent deaths, you should prepare yourself beforehand.

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