Did you know that Grace Gummer is Meryl Streep’s daughter? In addition to American Horror Story, she has also starred in Extant, The News Room, and Mr. Robot. Her sister, Mamie Gummer is also an actor and starred alongside Meryl Streep in Diablo Cody’s Ricki and the Flash.

In AHS Freak Show, Grace played the role of Penny. A small town young woman who falls in love with one of the Freak Show members. Her father is against the match, and tattoos Penny’s face with a lizard pattern without her consent after she continues seeing the man she loves.

In her rage over what her father turned her into, she finds a way to forgive him, even as other members of the Freak Show want her to tar and feather him to exact her revenge. Her arc is one of love and forgiveness, going with the theme of that season; that it was never the freaks who were the monsters.

Grace Gummer, American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Graphite Pencil and Marker on Tan paper.

Drawing available on my Etsy Page.

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