It’s that time of year, guys. Time for my annual horror movie drawing series. This year, my theme is about the small sub-genre of horror films and TV that center around carnivals, clowns, and the circus. I am starting with the film Amusement which was released back in 2008.

Three young women, Tabitha, Shelby, and Lisa are stalked and kidnapped by a killer set on getting revenge from them making fun of him as a child. Shelby is stalked in her car by the killer after she tries to help rescue another woman from the clutches of a semi-truck driver. Tabitha, having arrived to babysit her nephews, finds a creepy life size clown in the house that turns out to be her kidnapper. Lisa goes in search for her friends and ends up in the man’s clutches herself.

The film very much has the feel of an anthology film, much like VHS or Trilogy of Terror, but brings the small stories within the larger story together nicely. The villain is simply called The Laugh because he has an annoyingly high pitched laugh. Lisa, upon entering his torture house, finds mummified victims sewn into beds like some grotesque morgue. When she finds her friends, that is when the real horror begins.

I feel like this film has fallen into obscurity and has been largely forgotten, which is unfortunate. It is worth a watch as it manages to make you care for each of the victims and gives some creepy scares in the process. A good addition to any horror movie marathon this October.

My fan art and drawings are available for purchase on my Etsy page.

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