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Movie Review: Free Guy

Free Guy tells the story of Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a NPC (non player character) of a video game where people can be as exceedingly violent as they want to earn a higher score. One day, he sees Molotov (Jodie Comer) and he realizes he wants more out of life. He is, unknowingly, actually AI so he can make that choice if he so chooses.

In the real world outside the game, Jodie Comer plays Millie, a programmer out to prove that Antwan (Taika Waititi), the owner of a corporate gaming company, stole her code without giver her and her friend Keys credit. The AI is her doing, and Antwan stole it from her.

As Guy gains social media popularity for being a good guy stopping bad people within the game, Molotov begins to fall for him. IRL, Millie is blind to Keys true feelings for her even as he helps her prove that Antwan stole their code from within the company.

I’m mostly unimpressed my gaming movies, but Free Guy proves that with an excellent script and complex characters, you can make a fantastic movie about video games. There are shades of Ready Player One, but who cares. It’s so well done that it is better than Ready Player One. And if the world didn’t know it needed CGI tricked out Ryan Reynolds, it certainly knows now.

Ryan Reynolds brings genuine life to what could have been empty humor. You root for him from the very beginning, and why not? His chemistry with Jodie Comer is infectious and I hope the make movies together forever.

The movie touches on living your life in the real world instead of video games. On doing whatever you want to live your best life. And hasn’t that what the pandemic has taught us? To live life to its fullest, because you can and it’s all up to what you make of it. It’s never too late to change. To do something else with your life.

A video game movie went there. A heartwarming film with likable characters and a good attitude. My favorite film of this summer, and that says a lot because there were a couple great ones so far. I’m looking at you Cruella, A Quiet Place 2, and Pig. Okay, maybe Pig is still my fave, but Free Guy is a close second.

Go see it at the theater if you feel safe doing so. It’s worth a big screen viewing.

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