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Book Review: Mr. Nobody by Catherine Steadman

Mr. Nobody is Catherine Steadman’s second novel. I loved her first so I was really looking forward to what else she would have to offer. This novel didn’t disappoint.

A man is found on a British beach with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Dr. Emma Lewis is called in to help him try to remember, and to prove that he isn’t faking his condition. The rub, for Emma, is that the washed ashore near the hometown she abandoned a decade before after her father committed suicide. She even changed her name and left all of her past behind her.

As Emma tries to help Mr. Nobody, her real identity is leaked to the press and she becomes the story instead of her patient. She is so distracted that she doesn’t notice when Mr. Nobody’s memory begins to return and the situation goes completely off the rails.

This is an imaginative novel, told from both the perspective of Mr. Nobody and Emma. It’s hard to pinpoint at which point Mr. Nobody becomes an unreliable character, and that is what makes the book so interesting. Just when you think you know how it is going to end, Steadman turns the story upside down with new information. I didn’t see the ending coming. A true compliment.

I give this book the highest of recommendations. A good summer read if you are spending the weekend at the beach.

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