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Book Review: Shiver by Allie Reynolds

Picked this one up for some winter reading. I’ve been trying out new authors and I think Allie Reynolds has a bright future as an author once she hones her craft.

“Shiver” tells the story of a group of snowboarders who return to a place they once trained together which happens to be where one of their own went missing. The author juxtaposes the present with the past, alternating chapters between today and ten years ago.

Milla is invited up to the ski resort where she last trained for what is supposed to be a reunion. She quickly realizes that she has been deceived and they have all been lured to the resort during the off season under false pretenses. As the story unfolds, Milla finds she still has feelings for her old friend and crush but does not know if she can trust him. Or any of her old friends for that matter. They all hold secrets that, one by one, come to the surface.

They all wonder who could have brought them there. Was it their missing friend, Saskia who went missing at the resort ten years previously? As they question who has really brought them there, the past haunts them. They remember how Saskia manipulated them. Turned friends into foes. Sabotaged more than one of them just so she could win.

In the end, the chilling conclusion leaves the reader wondering if maybe Milla is an unreliable narrator. If, perhaps, she had left out more than she was letting on since she was just as bad as Saskia. Manipulative and would do anything to get ahead of her competitors.

If you are looking for an up an coming author, Allie Reynolds could be it. “Shiver” is a good, but not great, book. It’s entertaining for sure and it leaves me looking forward to what else Allie will offer us in her next novel.

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