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Christmas Movie Review: Christmas Vacation

The obligatory annual watching of “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation” is practically a national holiday. At least if should be. It is a running joke with some of my friends that if at least one of us isn’t referencing it in December then it is up to the others to do so.

Clark Griswald (Chevy Chase) wants his family to have the perfect family Christmas. However, in true Chevy Chase form, things don’t go according to plan. With both sets of in-laws staying in the house and Cousin Eddie showing up with kids and dog in tow, it’s a full house.

Clark, always the planner, also wants to put in a swimming pool for the summer. To do so he needs his Christmas bonus from his job which, as he finds out too late, has been cut out by his corporate jerk of a boss. By this point Clark’s Christmas tree has been burnt, Christmas dinner was ruined, and his kitchen has been destroyed by Eddie’s dog. That is to say nothing of the squirrel that was hiding in the Christmas tree.

Eddie takes matters into his own hands and tries to bring Clark a Christmas miracle in the form of breaking and entering and kidnapping. If you somehow have missed out out on this classic, I won’t ruin the ending for you.

I’ve watched this with my family more times than I can count. Lots of good memories attached to it. I hope that this movie brings you as much joy as it has me. Enjoy your Chrismas Eve, interwebs.

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