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Christmas Movie Review: While You Were Sleeping

I’ll tell you a secret. I’ve always had a crush on Sandra Bullock (but who hasn’t, right). She’s tried her hand at action films (Speed, The Net), but her real talents lie in rom coms and dramas. “While You Were Sleeping” is no exception.

She plays Lucy, a lonely woman with no family and dreams of filling up her empty passport with stamps from Italy. She works as one of those people who accepts tokens at a Chicago train station and develops a crush on one of her regular customers, Peter, though he never really notices her. When he is attacked and falls onto the tracks, Lucy saves him and gets him to a hospital.

There, a misunderstanding with a nurse gets Lucy into an impossible situation. Peter’s family suddenly thinks she is engaged to this guy she really doesn’t know who happens to be in a coma. They welcome her with open arms and all that loneliness gets the better of the and Lucy can’t bring herself to tell them the truth.

She meets Jack, Peter’s brother. The two get to know each other and start to fall in love when Peter wakes up.

This film is funny, sometimes sad, and pretty darn cute in it’s deployment of the silly plot. You don’t mind though because it’s just down right endearing in every aspect of film. Joining Bullock are Bill Pullman, Peter Gallagher, Peter Boyle, and other familiar faces.

Charming is probably the best definition of this one, especially with that ending (that I won’t tell you about, you’ll have to watch it to see).

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