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Christmas Movie Review: Black Christmas (1974)

If you’ve been following along with my earlier holiday marathon reviews this year then you know that I love horror films. A lot. The original “Black Christmas” is no exception.

While on Christmas break a group of sorority girls are stalked and terrorized by an unknown person. One by one they disappear. As the film unfolds it becomes clear that the killer is inside the house and you find yourself wondering how none of these girls noticed. Pretty simple plot.

It stars Margot Kidder in a pre-Superman, pre-Amityville Horror role that only she could have played. She is sarcastic, mean, and drunk but she does it with a little bit of subtle insecurity. Something that only Kidder could do. Her character has the best death – getting impaled with a glass unicorn.

There is a gritty quality to this filmmaking that only happened in the seventies. Films like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Black Christmas” were overtaken by the slasher films of the eighties, and it is a darn shame. I thoroughly enjoy how this film looks and feels.

If you’re into holiday horror films, this one needs to be on your watch list. Don’t bother with the recent remake. It is undefinably terrible. The original, though, deserves some recognition for its place in holiday horror history. And for giving us that memorable Margot Kidder performance.

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