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Christmas Movie Review: Ernest Saves Christmas

I always get laughed at when I mention this film. It has a bad reputation for being awful, and while all the Ernest movies seem to have a share in this, I never understood why. So many of the usual holiday movies are unwatchable and cheesy (I’m looking at you Hallmark). Ernest at least brings some irony in how completely unaware he is of the reality around him.

In “Ernest Saves Christmas”, Ernest is a cab driver who picks up Santa Clause. Santa has come south from the North Pole to find his replacement. That replacement is Joe Carruthers, an actor who brings to life a tv show for children. Ernest also befriends Harmony, a runaway teenager. While Ernest helps Santa, Harmony realizes Santa’s true identity and steals his magic sack full of toys.

Along the way, elves and reindeer show up as Santa hurries to find Joe before Christmas Eve otherwise Christmas will be ruined. As the title suggests, Ernest saves the day as only Ernest can.

This 1988 classic deserves another viewing. It is cheesy but in the best of ways. It’s lighthearted and isn’t slap you across the face sappy like other holiday fare (ahem, Hallmark). If you have kids they will probably love it.

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