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Book Review – Elevation by Stephen King

“Elevation” is a small book with a big story. It revolves around one character who is losing weight according to his scale but is physically the same size. Even when he carries weights. His doctor has no idea what the problem is.

Meanwhile, in his small town of Castle Rock, a lesbian couple have opened a Mexican restaurant. Like most small towns, people who are deemed ‘different’ are usually unpopular. The main character tries, and fails at first, to befriend them. But as the story moves along he and these two women become friends and help bring a town together in the process.

In the end, his weight loss becomes weightlessness even though he is still physically a slightly overweight middle aged man. He floats away with a bang, literally and figuratively, knowing that his friends would be okay.

This book is a quick read, but an uplifting one. King says many things about the current state of our society through the eyes of a few likable characters. It touches on the prejudices the we all knowingly and unknowingly have for those who are different than us. It’s a moving story about rising above the hatred and differences to find the good in people. This one spoke to me. A lot.

Unlike most things these days “Elevation” left me feeling hopeful. I look forward to the future a little bit more now. For a book as short as this one, I give King kudos for writing a small statement about where we are and what we could be if we only tried a little harder.

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  1. Good review, but you should probably put a ‘spoiler alert’ for people who haven’t read it. For me this book was just okay, but I also seem to be one of the few people who isn’t all that crazy about Stephen King’s writing. 🙂


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