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Movie Review – The Invisible Man

Leigh Whannell is at the top of his game with ‘The Invisible Man’. There isn’t a single wasted moment leaving us with a taut, well acted thriller. If Elisabeth Moss isn’t in the Best Actress discussion come fall, it will be a huge disappointment. Same goes for screenwriting for Mr. Whannell.

It starts with Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) sneaking out of her boyfriends house in the middle of the night. Her fearful escape leads us to believe that this boyfriend is not to be trusted.

Two weeks after her escape, she learns that he has committed suicide and has left her a large sum of money. For a fleeting moment Cecilia feels safe. That is when she starts feeling as if she is watched and sees footprints that can’t possibly be there.

Her nervous paranoia causes her sister and friends to not trust her when emails that she didn’t write get sent and destroy her relationships. Even when she convinces her sister to meet her in public, Cecilia is blamed for a death she didn’t cause. It isn’t until she is in a mental hospital and the nursing staff and security guards start seeing weird things that people start believing her.

This film says so much about what goes on in our society today. Anyone who has ever been gaslighted in a relationship will tell you that. Abuse isn’t always physical. Even when you are away from it, you still feel like you are the crazy one for suspecting a narcissist for what they are. It’s Cecelia’s sheer tenacity and will that keep her alive while she is being chased by this psychopath.

Elisabeth Moss is incredible in this. She carries the film, and would have even if the script weren’t strong (which it is). Every one of her nerves in on edge. It’s palpable, and it keeps the viewer invested through twists and turns that you don’t see coming.

I give this 4 out of 4 stars. Go see ‘The Invisible Man’. It’s worth your time.

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