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Book Review – Backcountry by Pam Beason

This was my first foray into Pam Beason’s writing. Her style is simple but funny and this book’s subject matter was something that is near and dear to my heart.

The story follows Sam “Wilderness” Weston, a travel and nature writer for a website that works to protect wildlife in America’s National Parks. When a young boy is reported missing in Utah and mountain lions are blamed, Sam joins the search to find him. While she hopes for the boys safety, she also aims to protect the mountain lions that she has been tracking and writing about.

She meets an FBI agent who she ends up partnering with in the search. Meanwhile, her ambitious reporter boyfriend uses the information she gives him to incite mob-mentality rage against the mountain lions. Sam can’t believe he betrays her like this, and stops speaking to him.

Turns out it wasn’t the mountain lions, but a mountain man who took the boy. This book speaks a lot about how the media and press can flip public opinion without actually having facts. A dangerous thing in our current society. That is what I took from this book.  Beason gets that aspect of this book perfectly.

Again, her writing is simple and I would have liked to know Sam and her sexy FBI agent on a more meaningful level. That said, it’s an okay book that gave me a weekends worth of enjoyment. Not a bad read, and maybe one day I’ll pick up another of one of Beason’s novels when I’ve depleted my stack of unread books.

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