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Movie Review – Bombshell

It isn’t the script that sells this one. It isn’t the cinematography. Or the art direction. What really brings ‘Bombshell’ to life is the three leading ladies. The performances of Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, and Charlize Theron hold your attention from the moment the appear on screen.

Charlize Theron plays Megyn Kelly perfectly, and kudos to the make up artist who not only contoured Theron’s face to look like Kelly, but made all the women in this film fit the part of working at Fox News. Margot Robbie hands in the doe eyed ambitious entry level woman who falls victim to Roger Ailes’ predatory advances. Nicole Kidman brings to life Gretchen Carlson who was fired from Fox News and then filed a lawsuit.

The film follows these three women through the stages of the lawsuit that lost Roger Ailes his job. It seamlessly combines footage from actual interviews and debates that aired on Fox News and the actors who play the characters in the film.

I suppose it’s because I’m a woman who has worked in a very male industry for twenty years that I am drawn to these women’s stories. While I’ve never personally been treated in such a way in the workplace, I give credit to any woman who has and has the strength to come forward. ‘Bombshell’ tells their story with honesty.

Worth seeing if you keep up with the upcoming awards season. This one is going to get nominations throughout the awards circuit.

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