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Book Review – Come Find Me by Megan Miranda

‘Come Find Me’ is an otherworldly story about two teenagers who meet in the unlikeliest of circumstances. One lost her mother and stepfather to domestic violence. The other lost his brother in a disappearance the police have labeled a runaway.

They both search for answers by looking for ghosts. Kennedy and Nolan, using electronic devices to pick up radio signals, are brought together by a signal that neither of them understand. It leads them down a trail of lost teenagers, mistrust, and secrets. The two teens quickly realize how small the world can be on their way to finding closure.

The novel is a short one which makes for a fast read. For me it started a little slow, but it picked up once I was further along in the story.  The voice of the two main characters feel like they are the same person. I would have liked to see the voices be more distinct but the book is entertaining enough otherwise.

If you have a chilly winter weekend staying inside, this book would be a good one to relax with. It won’t make it onto my list of favorite books, but it’s not terrible either.

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