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Movie Review – Knives Out

How could you not like a film like ‘Knives Out’? It’s got a stellar cast, an intelligent script, and is has a sense of humor about the type of movie it is.

It starts with the suicide of the family patriarch. His children and grandchildren mourn his loss by assuming they will inherit the house, the riches, and the family business. Little do they know that he left the entire family fortune to his nurse, an unsuspecting caregiver whose mother is an immigrant.

While all of this is going on, a private investigator (Daniel Craig with a southern accent) starts asking questions about whether the suicide was really a suicide. Each family member has their reason for getting rid of the old man. The proud daughter who started her own successful business (Jamie Lee Curtis). Her husband who was caught cheating on her by her father (Don Johnson). The son who was just fired from publishing company that prints his fathers novels (Michael Shannon). The widowed daughter-in-law who has been double dipping in the money given for her daughters private schooling (Toni Collette). Each grandkid is as ungrateful as the one before. It’s no coincidence that Chris Evan’s character  (the eldest grandchild) goes by his middle name, Ransom.

Each character is well thought out. Each twist in the story is either a false lead or an honest hint as to who is really at fault. You won’t know until the end. It’s genius.

‘Knives Out’ is a whodunit for the ages, maybe the best one I have ever seen.  Rian Johnson, writer and director of this masterpiece, proves that he is here to stay. You may feel that he ruined Star Wars (I don’t, but I’m in the minority), but he created something truly special here. It will be the benchmark for murder mysteries to come.

Now playing in a theater near you.

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