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Movie Review – Terminator, Dark Fate

Did we really need another ‘Terminator’ movie? Not really, but I’m glad that this one exists. Linda Hamilton returns, and I find myself wishing she hadn’t left Hollywood. Her voice has gone husky from years of smoking, but it adds to the mystique of Sarah Connor.

In this new film, Sarah’s son John has died at the hands of a terminator. Sarah has been hunting them ever since with the help of encrypted texts that always end with “For John”.

This brings Sarah to Dani, a Mexican woman on the run with Grace, a woman from the future. Sarah finds that the future she tried to change did, only to have a new system called Legion to bring on the terminators. Humans never change, and they are their own downfall.

Except for Dani. While Sarah is convinced that Dani is nothing more that the mother of the next John, Grace knows that Dani is really the true leader of the resistance in the future.

Then we find Arnold’s terminator living in the woods with a family. He has learned a conscience of sorts, and much in the spirit of T2, Sarah eventually learns to trust him. He gives his life to protect Dani. And in a fitting goodbye to the role he made famous, Arnold says “I won’t be back” to the women he is helping keep safe.

Gabriel Luna breaths life into the newest model of terminator, the Rev-9. His stony expressions contrast with the Ref-9’s impersonation of what he thinks being human is. He gives a decent performance.

The movie is entertaining and action packed. Mackenzie Davis as Grace is the shining star of this for me. She is surprisingly convincing as the terminator fighting enhanced human. I’m looking forward to the work she will do in the future. She brings strength and vulnerability that matches that of Sarah Connor.

It is as good as T2? Nope. Is it better than the movies that have come out since? Mostly.

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