Horror Movie Marathon Day 1 – Creature Features

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I watch a horror movie everyday in October, sometimes multiple in a single day. From creature features to atmospheric horror to slasher films, I love them all.

Over the last 10 days of October, I will write about my top ten favorite horror movies and some additional faves to go with them. Today, I start with the creature feature.

  1. Isolation (2005)- This Irish film currently ranks at number ten on my all time faves list. Starring John Lynch, Essie Davis, and Ruth Negga, this stark, cold film is creature feature meets mad scientist. A veterinarian experiments on cows reproductive cycles on a remote farm. The experiments unleash horrible mutant baby cows. What else could possibly go wrong?
  2. The Descent – A group of women meet to go caving in the American woods. They get trapped in the cave… with creatures who survive by eating flesh of anything that crosses their path. It’s well acted and claustrophobic.
  3. Anaconda – How can you possibly go wrong with thirty foot long snakes in the jungles of Borneo? This one stars Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, and John Voight as one hell of a villain (because the snakes weren’t enough).
  4. The Bay – It’s found footage, but is one of the few found footage films where it actually works to the films advantage. Set on the fourth of July in Maryland, a small town becomes ground zero for an ecological disaster where the towns people are eaten from the inside out.
  5. Slither – It’s as much comedy as it is horror. A small town is taken over by an alien presence. The cast is what makes the film watchable, including Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker, and Nathan Fillion.
  6. The Thing – Which version, you ask? There are three, but I mean the John Carpenter version with Kurt Russell. The effects hold up surprisingly well and the acting is top notch. John Carpenter is best known for Halloween, but for me, his best work is The Thing.
  7. Lake Placid – A crocodile. In Maine. A small town full of interesting characters. Bridget Fonda bringing her New York City attitude to investigate. What else could you possibly ask for?

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  1. October is the perfect month for spooky books and movies. I haven’t seen “The Bay” or “Isolation,” so I’ll have to check them out!

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