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Movie Review: Zombieland 2, Double Tap

Time to nut up or shut up. I was curious how they were going to out do 2009’s Zombieland, which beat out the likes of ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Night of the Living Dead’ as my favorite zombie movies. And it mostly succeeds.

We reunite with Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock ten years after the zombie apocalypse. They have settled into the White House in a new life of boredom. When Wichita and Little Rock leave without saying goodbye, it leaves Tallahassee and Columbus stuck with each other. Columbus meets someone new just as Wichita returns to ask for their help looking for Little Rock, who has run off with a hippie.

During their adventure to save their friend, the group comes across other survivors cast perfectly with Rosario Dawson and Luke Wilson, and some side characters that leave you wondering how they managed to survive for ten years without getting eaten by zombies.

The movie even includes some Elvis Presley impressions, costumes, and jokes. My favorite part of the movie since Elvis has a special place in my heart. They even have an inventive way to include Bill Murray so stay for a mid-credits scene.

Worth a viewing if zombie films are your thing. Glad to have the gang back together again.

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