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Animal Skull, Black and White Photography

Adding animal taxidermy, skulls, and bones can add some creepy realism to your Halloween decor. Whether you are just inspired by creepy things or if you art throwing a party, adding these types of things can really pull your decorations together. Some antique stores, like Hunt and Gather in Minneapolis, sell such items at reasonable prices. You might even find a creepy doll or ratted stuffed animal to add to the mix if you are throwing a Halloween party for the kiddos.

If having real animal bones or taxidermy in your home aren’t your thing, black and white photography of animal bones, taxidermy, cemeteries, and creepy dolls can add spooky atmosphere to Halloween themed decor. Simply add them to your existing picture frames and watch peoples reactions when they notice the creepy prints.

Lucky for you, I have such items available on my Etsy page.

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