Movie Review – IT Chapter 2

Pennywise returns to Derry. Mike Hanlon calls the Losers Club and tells them to get their butts back to fight the dancing clown. They all come back, except for Stanley who commits suicide at the thought of seeing Pennywise again.

The film follows the Losers as they go off on their own to find the artifact that will help them defeat Pennywise. They must face the demons from their pasts.

When they finally meet Pennywise face to face, they try to defeat him by making him make himself physically smaller. Too late they realize that words can make someone feel small and break them down to nothing better than any physical weapon.

Bill Hader and James Ransone really steal the show during most of the film. Ransone really captured the fast talking mannerisms of Jack Dylan Grazer (his 12 year old counterpart from Chapter 1). Bill Hader, whose character is a professional comedian, was really allowed to be the comic relief.

The scares are more creepy than scary, much like the first film. Many of the flashbacks are just there and don’t add much as far as plot, but it was good to see the child actors back in those roles. The long run time, which I usually don’t mind, comes very close to overstaying it’s welcome. The payoff at the end is worth it, though.

And I hope the casting director that cast Bill Skarsgard is paid well, because he is a perfect Pennywise.

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