Movie Review – Ready or Not

This movie has something for every horror fan. Family issues. Exploding bodies. Humor laced with profanity. People hailing Satan. What’s not to love?

Samara Weaving plays a sassy bride who marries into a rich family. Little does sho know that earlier generations of the family sold their souls to a demon who requires a sacrifice. When she finds out that she has to play hide and seek instead of spending her wedding night in bed wit her husband, she goes along until she realizes that guns and axes are involved.

She’s this films final girl. She fights with every fiber of her being, and drops f-bombs at every turn.

Hidden in the subtext, between the dashes of blood soaked horror, are warnings about knowing what you marry into. Even members who previously made it through this families wedding game night turn out to be something other than what their spouses knew. How do you trust you really know a person?

It’s a horror movie worth seeing. If you liked movies like “You’re Next”, then you’ll love this, especially the part where Samara Weaving tears off bits of her wedding dress and picks up a rifle and a belt of ammo. There’s lots of fight in this one.

I’m hearing tales of empty theaters from other movie goers who saw this movie. It’s too good a horror movie to flop, so go see this in the theater. Don’t wait for Netflix. If movies looks this flop, it’ll scare the studios off from making more of them. That would be a shame.

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