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Movie Review – Midsommar

‘Midsommar’ is one of the movies I was looking forward to this summer. Directed by Ari Aster (Hereditary, which made its way into my top 10 horror films las year), ‘Midsommar’ is a slow creeper. It masterfully builds to a shocking ending, and boy is the payoff worth it.

Dani, played by the wonderful Florence Pugh, loses her family all at once. Her boyfriend wants to break up with her but feels as if he can’t due to the loss of her parents and sister. Instead, he invites her on a trip to Sweden with his friends.

What seems like an idyllic location with welcoming people soon turns into a string of bizarre and violent deaths. Dani’s relationship with her boyfriend is tested when he is attracted to another woman. In reality, this is a two hour break up movie set in a society that doesn’t understand nor care that their beliefs are creepy at best.

I love this film. If you like slow creeping, moody movies where the payoff is worth the wait, then you will love this. Some good examples of what I mean are ‘Hereditary’ and ‘House of the Devil’.

Ari Aster is a horror genius. I am excited about what he is bringing to the genre and cannot wait to see more of his work.

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