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Movie Review: Booksmart

I remember when ‘American Pie’ was released. It was right around when I graduated high school. It became the movie that holds the nostalgia of that era of my life. I think ‘Booksmart’ will be that movie for kids who are graduating now. 

‘Booksmart’ is one of those rare movies that not only captures the current state of the world through the eyes of teenagers but will also hold up well twenty years from now. It carries the weight of the characters futures as well as their need to live in the moment.

It centers around Amy and Molly, two best friends at the top of their class. They passed on partying in high school to concentrate on academics. On the last day of high school Molly realizes that all her class mates have also gotten into great schools and managed to have fun while doing it. She enlists Amy to have one night of partying to make up for four years of studying. Three parties and one serial killer later, Molly and Amy find themselves rejected by their crushes and in the middle of a fight. Amy ends up in jail and Molly finds a way to get her out so they can make it to graduation on time, to the amusement of their classmates.

Olivia Wilde directs this smart, irreverent film about two friends making up for lost time. They realize along the way that while their classmates never got to know them, they also didn’t get to know those around them and perceptions are not always what they seem. Billie Lourde also stars as a mythical “how did you get here” character that repeatedly pops up at the best of odd moments.

‘Booksmart’ will rank among the likes of ‘Mean Girls’, ‘Easy A’, ‘American Pie’, and “The Breakfast Club’ when history has its say. Go see it.

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