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Book Review: Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah

I picked up this book in an airport bookshop on the way to Yellowstone. I was looking for a book about surviving the wilderness (perfect for reading during a trip into the wilderness). ‘Magic Hour’ is more about surviving the human experience than about surviving the wilderness, and it does so…. magically.

One sister lives in L.A. and works as a therapist. We meet her as she is dealing with the ramifications of losing a patient to suicide. The press has made her out the be the villain, causing her to lose faith of her patients and herself.

The other sister still lives in their small town in Washington state. She is every bit the small town homecoming queen turned sheriff the author makes her out to be. When a small girl comes out of the woods, it falls to the sheriff to figure out what to do with her. The girl, who they eventually name Alice, was obviously kept somewhere deep in the woods by an unknown captor. She can’t speak and is afraid of everyone. Good thing the sheriff has a therapist for a sister who also happens to be in need of redemption. The two sisters care for Alice and they start feeling like a family when Alice’s father shows up.

This is an excellent read. Each character has their own journey and demons to overcome. It’s a book about family, and the lengths people go to for the ones they love. This theme is a constant one in Hannah’s books.

Kristin Hannah is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. If you haven’t read any on her books, ‘Magic Hour’ would be a good one to start with.

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