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Book Review: Not the Dukes Darling by Elizabeth Hoyt

I’ll admit to not being a fan of romance novels. They are too stuck in the world of damsels in distress and is sends me into fits of feminist ravings. That said, when a fellow passenger handed me one of Elizabeth Hoyt’s books on a 15 hour flight, I only read it out of boredom. What I found inside the covers clad in two photo models ridiculous “romantic” poses was a surprisingly witty writing style and a strong willed heroine. This was years ago, and I’ve not missed a single one of her books since.

Not the Dukes Darling isn’t her best work, but it’s entertaining enough. The main character is plucky and the feminist of my dreams. The situations the characters find themselves are nonsensical and often silly, but it’s a romance novel so that’s a bit expected. What Hoyt gets right is human emotion. She nails how it feels like to fall in love and have your heart broken, and she does it using words like ‘lugubrious’ which aren’t used enough in the English language.

Elizabeth Hoyt. Check her out if you’re up for some light reading on a lazy Sunday. Start with ‘To Beguile a Beast’. It was my introduction to her and it might still be my favorite books of hers.

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