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Book Review – Fly Away by Kristin Hannah

‘Fly Away’ is the sequel to Kristin Hannah’s ‘Firefly Lane’. With both books, I found myself brought into the world of two lifelong friends and I was unable to look away.

The new book continues the story of Tully and Kate after Kate’s death. It brings together three generations of two families dealing with the grief of losing Kate to cancer. Kate’s husband, daughter, and best friend pull away from each other. Each one blames the others and themselves at the same time. Tully even tries to reconnect with her drug addict mother, but to no avail.

When Tully is in a car accident, it brings the estranged characters back together. The thought of another tragic death brings about forgiveness and love as they look into their pasts to re-examine what went wrong.

In Kristin Hannah’s earlier works, I always found myself plodding through repetitive writing. The simplicity of her writing has really blossomed into a more mature aesthetic that I find hard to turn away from.

‘Fly Away’ was deeply personal to the author. It’s obvious in the meticulous way it is written. Worth a read, but read ‘Firefly Lane’ first if you haven’t already done so. Both books are hard to put down.

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