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Book Review – True Colors by Kristin Hannah

This was my second trip into the world of Kristin Hannah’s writing. While I sometimes find her writing to be simple and a bit repetitive at times, the stories she tells are all encompassing. This holds true for ‘True Colors’.

The book tells the tale of the Grey family; a widowed father and his three headstrong daughters. Over the course of many years, the girls fall in and out of love and walk the fine line between sisterhood and jealousy. When Vivi Ann, the youngest, falls in love with a Native American man perceived to be dangerous by the small town Washington State community. He, Dallas, is falsely accused of murder. Vivi Ann begs her older sister, a real estate lawyer, to take on his trial. Winona refuses citing lack of criminal law experience. Old jealousies and animosities come forward and divide the family.

Winona maintains an I-told-you-so attitude about her sister’s husband until one day her teenage nephew comes to her asking for her help to get Dallas out of jail. She begrudgingly accepts, but soon finds that she was wrong about Dallas. He isn’t the dangerous convicted murderer she once thought.

‘True Colors’ is one of those stores that touches on so many things. The downfalls of pride and jealousy. Family is the most important thing. True love is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it does exist. First glance perceptions about character and race are not always what they appear. Never judge a book by it’s cover. The list goes on.

It’s worth a read if you have some extra time on your hands. A good cold weather weekend read or to fill your time on an airplane. As I said, I find the authors writing to be a bit simple at times, but when she finds her footing in the story it is hard to put down. Happy reading!

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