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Book Review – The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone

There is a special place in my heart for a good spider story. Ezekiel Boone’s Hatching trilogy made me swoon. There books, ‘The Hatching’, ‘Skitter’, and ‘Zero Day’, are begging to be made into a movie. Or, at the very least,  a limited series on HBO.

‘The Hatching’ tells the story of present day Earth that becomes infested with ancient spiders. The spiders hatch in waves. The first wave is meant to weaken the spiders natural predators (humans). This first wave of spiders die out quickly leaving Earth looking for answers in the wrong places. In ‘Skitter’, the second wave brings the breeding spiders with hive mentality into the mix. ‘Zero Day’ brings wave three which includes spiders with teeth that can eat through rubber suits.

In any story about the destruction of Earth and the human race, you need a large cast of characters. From the president of the United States to Minnesota cops to spider obsessed scientists, these books have a wide variety of people. It was the Minnesota cop that originally made me pick up ‘The Hatching’ (I do love a good story about my home state).

The books skip around from place to place in a very episodic way, much like the film ‘Independence Day’ does. That’s want it reminded me of when I read this books. The reader gets to experience the death-by-spider story through multiple characters in a very pleasing kind of way.

If you like a good sci-fi horror story, read this series of books. I am patiently waiting for Hollywood to option them into something amazing. Are you hearing me, Hollywood? Make this happen.

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