Rarely do I venture to a crowded theater full of annoying, giggly, texting teenagers on a Friday night. Jordan Peele’s Us was a worthy exception. At one point, it was so suspenseful even the teenagers watched on in rapt silence.

I won’t give spoilers. Simply put, people who look like us come in to kill us. Their motives are unclear until the third act and by then you’ve already been put through the ringer.

I loved every moment of this film. The soundtrack is unnerving. The cast is superb. The script is genius. I can’t say enough about Lupita Nyong’o. She does this thing with her voice that is shockingly creepy.

I’m all for Jordan Peele’s brand of horror. He is pushing the genre in all the right directions. Go see Us. It’s amazingly thrilling and you’ll never look at a pair of scissors the same way again.

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