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Movie Review – Brooklyn

On a St. Patrick’s Day eve, I give you a review of one of my favorite films. Set in the 1950’s, ‘Brooklyn’ tells the story of Eilis, a young Irish woman who travels by boat to New York to earn money. She settles into Brooklyn, as the title suggests. While there, she gets an education and falls in love with an Italian. When her sister dies and Eilis must travel back to  Ireland, she and her new love secretly marry.

While back in Ireland, her mother tries her best to keep Eilis from returning to New York. She gets her daughter a job and new marriage prospects. Eilis realizes how much she has missed home, but she also sees that many of the reasons she left Ireland haven’t changed. Love wins out, as it should in any good love story.

Saoirse Ronan plays the part of Eilis brilliantly. I thoroughly enjoy hearing the red-headed actress with her native accent. So often she plays an American in movies. This was a welcome change. It earned her a Best Actress nomination and the film was honored with a Best Picture nomination.

If you are looking for a genuine Irish themed period piece for your St. Patrick’s weekend, this would be the perfect film to watch while sipping whiskey and eating Shepard’s pie.

Of course, if you are looking for an Irish themed horror movie instead, you can check out my post from last year. I listed my favorite Irish horror movies that pair well with a tall Guinness.

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