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Book Review – Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

I went into this book having just read ‘The Girl on the Train’ which I wholeheartedly loved. That book was a twister told by unreliable narrators. It kept me reading. ‘Into the Water’, however, did not.

The story revolves around Jules, who must return to a home town she hated when her sister dies by apparent suicide. She left behind an angry teenage daughter that Jules does not know. Through the story, old memories and wounds come to the surface and Jules starts to wonder if the suicide was a suicide at all. Paranoia sets in, as does fear.

This story was not as easy to get through. Not a single one of the characters is likable in any manner. The author jumps around in a highly populated story that seems full of characters the author didn’t really care about. She didn’t care so I didn’t care.

‘The Girl on the Train’ is suspenseful and keeps the reader guessing. ‘Into the Water’ does not. I found myself getting bored with the story, mainly because it jumps around from character to character without really going anywhere making the ending feel anti-climatic.

Anyway, this really isn’t one of those “you need to read this!” books. If you are looking for a read for a long plane ride and the airport bookstore is out of ‘The Girl on the Train’, pick this one up.

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