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Book Review -Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

‘Firefly Lane’ is a beautifully written story about lifelong friendship. About the misunderstandings that happen when things go unsaid. About motherhood, ambition, and the choices we make.  About the strength of family and forgiveness.

When Kate and Tully meat as girls they couldn’t be more different. Kate is insecure and,  in her own eyes, the bottom of the social food chain. Tully is glamorous and witty. Everything that Kate wishes she could be. They become inseparable friends. Through high school, college, and working adulthood, the stand together, pushing each other with ambition and friendship. Tully takes the ambitious road to be a TV talk show host star. Kate chooses love and family, though she intends to write in her free time.

When Kate’s daughter becomes a selfish teenager (as most do), Tully offers to help by bringing mother and daughter onto her popular talk show to help. But Tully takes the ambitious road, as she always does, and humiliates Kate on live TV. The friendship finally breaks under the pressure of years worth of jealousy and judgement. Just when their friendship seems to be at an end, Kate receives horrible news. And Tully is there.

The tangled lives of these two women and their families make for a great book. The kind of reading that can be done on a beach holiday or over a long, cold weekend indoors. This was my first foray into Kristin Hannah’s writing and I’m a fan. I already have two more of her books on my shelf, patiently waiting for another polar vortex to trap me inside for a few days.

Give this book a try. You won’t regret it.

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