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Movie Review – The Wife

‘The Wife’ left me wondering why Glenn Close is beating out other nominees in the awards circuit this year. I love Glenn Close. She is so very talented. Her role in ‘The Wife” isn’t one I would have thought as an award winner.

The move has a simple enough premise. A woman has been writing her husbands novels for their entire marriage. No one knows except the two of them. She dutifully does this because in her youth another female author bitterly told her not to pursue writing. When her husband is awarded a Nobel Prize for his writing, or her ghost writing for him, she realizes the bitterness she holds toward her husband is a live and well. They fight. Something tragic happens. The end.

The movie is certainly watchable and entertaining enough for me to make it past the 20 minute rule (I shut movies off if I’m at home watching them if they don’t hold my interest). It isn’t something I would want to watch again but I am glad I saw it.

I hope Glenn Close finally gets her golden statue at the Oscars. She deserved it. I just wish it was for a better role, one that allowed her to really show offer her acting chops. I’m thinking of ‘Albert Nobbs’, a movie where Glenn Close plays a woman pretending to be a man. It is so convincing that, even knowing Glenn Close is a woman, I was surprised when it was revealed that Albert Nobbs was a woman. If you want to see Glenn Close really do some acting, I recommend ‘Albert Nobbs’.

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