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Movie Review – Black Panther

Where does one begin with Black Panther? It’s certainly entertaining. An African adventure about super heroes battling villains. Marvel finally bringing more diversity to its universe, both with a predominantly black cast and strong female characters. About time, right?

Chadwick Boseman leads a very talented cast of young actors, and a few past Oscar nominees in Angela Bassett, Lupita N’yongo, and Forrest Whitaker. Their dialogue isn’t always great, but for a Marvel movie that’s not really a surprise. For me, the “did he freeze” jokes really fell flat. I don’t believe that Chadwick Boseman has any trouble talking to a beautiful woman.

The cultural significance of this will hopefully bring much needed change to Hollywood. A comic book movie is nominated for Best Picture at this years academy awards. After ‘The Shape of Water’, a sci-fi love story about a gentle monster, winning last year this shouldn’t be a surprise. Even with Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) and Heath Ledger (Dark Knight) getting acting nominations in the past, Black Panther getting a nomination is pretty great.

That said, I firmly believe that Into the Spiderverse and Infinity War are superior movies to Black Panther. Spiderverse is visually stunning and inventive as well as being diverse in casting. Infinity War handled a large ensemble cast and handled all of their egos with gusto. If Black Panther gets an Oscar nod, shouldn’t these other two as well? I know, Spiderverse is nominated for best animated feature. It’s still superior to Black Panther. So I ask, is being significant to pop culture enough to earn an Oscar nomination for Best Picture? If so, where is the nomination for Crazy Rich Asians?

Perhaps the Academy should have a Best Ensemble Cast category. Movies that don’t garner acting or best picture nominations could do really well in this category. Crazy Rich Asians. Infinity War. Black Panther. All movies that deserve to win such a category.

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