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Movie Review – Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen is my second favorite band so imagine my excitement upon finding out that a biopic about said band is finally coming to the big screen. It’s not perfect, but I dare you to watch it and not sing along. It’s impossible.

Rami Malek is so engrossingly perfect as Freddie Mercury that it is easy to forget that you aren’t watching Freddie Mercury himself. He carries the movie easily. The supporting cast is decent as well, but it’s Rami Malek that leaves you with a WOW! It will be a travesty if he doesn’t win Best Actor at the Academy Awards.

There are many montages of the band creating their best hits and performing them in concerts, but the recreation of the Live Aid performance puts them all to shame. It’s perfect, right down to how Rami Malek raises his arm while singing. That scene alone is worth sitting through this film.

Much of the talk about the film downplaying Freddie Mercury’s homosexuality was false.  It’s front and center. I also don’t agree that the film uses it as the cause of his descent into darkness, drugs, and alcohol. He kept the wrong people around him and pushed away those closest to him. I am a little bothered by the filmmakers putting his HIV diagnosis before Live Aid in the film when he probably found out about the diagnosis long after the show, but it makes the movie stronger and adds some drama.

Should Bohemian Rhapsody win Best Picture? Not when it’s up against A Star is Born and The Favorite, but it still has a good shot. Nostalgia seems to carry a lot of weight.

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