Roma. There aren’t enough words to explain how much I adore this film but here goes.

It takes place in 1970’s Mexico and tells the story of Cleo, a domestic worker dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. The family she works for has their own issues but never waver from supporting her even when the unthinkable happens. Political turmoil moves around in the background as writer and director Alfonso Cuaron uses his own memory of the era to set the story.

It’s hard to decide what I love most. The camera work gives life to the simplicity of the movie, especially the first act. Yalitza Aparicio’s performance. There’s good reason to give her an Oscar. They use of both Spanish and Mixtec languages. It’s black and white, a rarity these days. Cuaron’s footprint is in every aspect of this film. He is a master at his craft.

This is a Netflix film so stream away if you pay for that service. It also has a limited run in theaters so it may be playing near you.

Alfonso Cuaron also directed Children of Men, Gravity, Great Expectations, and Spanish language film Y Tu Mama Tambien. He also breathed new life into the Harry Potter series with Prisoner of Azkaban (me personal fav film of the series). All worth watching.

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