Cecil the Lion

The noted King of the Jungle doesn’t usually live in the jungle. Most lions live on the grasslands of the African Savannah. There is a rumor of a forest-dwelling pride of lions in the Gir Forest National Park in India. Perhaps they prefer curry on their dinner.

Lioness Hunt

These carnivores work together to hunt and protect the pride. Females do a large part of the hunting while the males protect the pride from intruders. Their prime hunting times are at night, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous during the day. Best to keep a safe distance (I’m looking at you, tourists with iPhones).

White Lion

White lions are rare, especially in the wild. There are protected areas in South Africa for these majestic animals to survive. No albinoism to see here, kids. A recessive gene gives them their lighter coloring, and it is unique to the lions of the Timbavati region. The people of Africa once believed white lions were messengers of God, so best not to mess with them.

Lions are listed as vulnerable. Loss of habitat and prey from the trade of bush meat threaten their existence. Sport hunting has also become a threat. If you would like to help the lion and other living creatures, check out the website for the World Wildlife Fund. The WWF works around the world the fight the effects of climate change and to help conserve animals and their habitats.

Lion Napping

When it comes to lions and other animals, I never rest easy. I donate at least $5 from the sale of each of my animal drawings and prints to the WWF. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like much but every little bit helps. If you venture to my Etsy page, be sure to check it out.

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