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The Winter Blues

As the snow storm passes overhead and a cool breeze comes in through my open window, I find myself researching this year’s Earth Day drawing. The tradition of doing the drawing started several years ago. It usually takes me a few weeks so I start it at the beginning of April. What better way to get inspired than to edit the flower photos I took over the weekend.

cymbidium orchid

Here in Minneapolis, Bachman’s would put up an immersive spring flower show on the seventh floor of Macy’s downtown. When Macy’s closed last winter the show needed a new home. Fortunately, The Galleria shopping center in Edina stepped in and accepted the challenge.

Calla Lily

It may not be the same as the floor to ceiling show that Macy’s would have, but the hallways in the Galleria smelled wonderful and the flora brought a lightness to my soul. I had battled a Saturday morning snowstorm to get there which made the Ranunculus smell even sweeter.


To my surprise, there were light purple chrysanthemums (my favorite fall flower). They called my name even before I found them.


Blue Hydrangea’s mimicked the shadows of the snow outside, but their scent provided much-needed warmth. Or maybe it was the caramel macchiato I was drinking. Either way, I was thrilled that for the moment it felt like spring.


Now that I have my inspiration I think it’s time to start sketching. Earth Day drawing – and GO!

If you would like prints of my photos, a few of them are available on my Etsy page.

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