‘Green Book’ really surprised me. It is a heartwarming story about two men who couldn’t be anymore different. One is an African American pianist and the other an Italian from the Bronx. Viggo Mortensen plays Tony Lipp, a brash bouncer who takes a job as driver for Don Shirley, played by Maharshala Ali, on an eight week tour of the deep south. Mind you, this takes place in 1962. Segregation is still very much alive.

Without knowing it, the two men become friends. They push each other to become who each sees as a better version of the person across from them. One stands by the other when he needs it most.

The movie has funny moments juxtaposed with the horrible realities of 1960’s America. It’s well acted and superbly written. Ironically, it taught me to not judge a book by it’s cover (or a movie by it’s trailer). Before I saw it I thought the run it was making through the awards circuit was a bit much for what looked like an inferior movie. Upon seeing it, I know differently.

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