Aren’t horror movies romantic? I certainly think so. Maybe that’s why people always say I’m weird. Strange. Eccentric. Many adjectives come to mind. Anyway, listed here are a few wonderfully horrific films to watch if you’re in a bloody romance kind of mood.

  1. My Bloody Valentine – This one is obvious for the yearly day of love. You have two versions to choose from; the 1981 original and the 2009 remake. I recommend the 1981 original but I might be a little biased. The ’80’s were great for horror.
  2. Honeymoon – The underrated film stars Rose Leslie and its part “is it aliens?” and part “is she crazy?”. A young couple goes to her families remote cabin for their honeymoon. Scary things happen. The end. Seriously, check this one out. It really is worth watching.
  3. A Perfect Getaway – Starring Milla Jovavich, Timothy Olyphant, and Chris Hemsworth, this one isn’t gory but it will keep you guessing. Newlyweds take their honeymoon (see the trend here) in Hawaii and find they are hiking amongst murderers. It’s directed by David Twohy (he directed Pitch Black).
  4. Misery – It’s the only Stephen King book that I had to put down for an hour because the gore got to me before I finished it. The movie isn’t quite that gory, but Kathy Bates makes good used of the main character’s obsessive, psychotic love of her favorite author.
  5. Irresistible – No gore in this one, but this thriller does star Emily Blunt, Sam Neill, and Susan Surandon as an artist dealing with a tragic past while her husband tries not to have an affair with Ms. Blunt.
  6. Backcountry – A young couple hike into the Maine woods. They get lost and get attacked by a bear, but not before an engagement ring come into play. Like Honeymoon, this one is low on the radar and should be seen by any horror fan.

The Vincent Price drawing above is from Edward Scissorhands. It was one of my favorite movies growing up and has stuck with me as an adult. The drawing is currently available on my Etsy page.

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